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Join a community of people sharing ideas on how to keep connected, motivated, create engagement and help restore energy in remote teams.

Discover activities that you can organize with your team or friends.

Browse through ideas for fun activities that you can do remotely.

Filter by rating, number of participants, estimated time for the activity, and browse the different categories activities have been tagged with (e.g. teambuilding, online game, and more).

Engage with the community by adding comments, questions and feedback.

Collect activities that you would like to try later by liking activities that inspire you.

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About image

Feeling creative? Share your idea with others.

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Share your tips and tricks on how to stay connected and have fun online. What activities do you enjoy?

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Define how the future of remote work and human connection looks like.

Be part of an exclusive community of creative individuals that keep people connected even when working remotely.

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