Last updated March 24, 2021

Funin is a community of people sharing creative ideas. The community relies on the core ideas of transparency, trust, sharing and responsibility. It is up to everyone in the community to keep things running and to report if some content is not following the guidelines.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Be respectful

As a community we share a common interest but that does not mean that we agree on everything. The community grows as people share their ideas and perspectives and build upon on the ideas of others, so we encourage sharing and discussions in the platform. When you engage in conversations, please be respectful to the others. Don't use hateful or violent speech, don't bully, and don't post private information.

Don't spam

Refrain from spamming everyone with irrelevant content and unrelated links. Own project promotion is not recommended unless you bring something of value to this community - don't spam us. If you run a business relevant to the content shown in Funin and would like to be promoted within the platform, rather contact us to see how we can help.

Don't post content that you don't own

We rely on everyone in the community to be creative and post original content. If you want to post content someone else created, please check first that you don't post copyrighted content without permission.

Let's keep it fun and clean!

If you see some content that is inappropriate, report it. You can report both activity content and comments for inappropriate content - just look for the flag icon. Thanks for keeping the content relevant!